Decoration Trends for 2022
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Decoration Trends for 2022

31 Jan 2022

Today, we say goodbye to the first month of 20212 and we have some new information. And so that you always have an impeccable home, pay attention to this article that PortalNow has compiled just for you and find out what will the decor and furniture trends be for 2022, as well as the most fashionable colors.

Decor trends: materials

The decoration trends for 2022, for materials, reinforce what has been achieved in previous years. Natural and fiber, recycled and handcrafted materials for decorative elements will be increasingly present in people's homes. The perfect textile substitute for linen will be hemp and silk.

The natural material per excellence, which cannot be missing in any decor of a modern home, will be wood. By its side, a material that will once again assume the central place, both in the decoration and in the furniture of our homes, will be leather. On the other hand, there are some materials that should be forgotten, such as clear glass and smooth velvet. These materials will be replaced by colored crystals and worked velvet and with ribs.

trends leather wood decor decoration 2022
Decor trend for 2022: wood and leather on the spotlight

New features for the 2022 decor trends

If your home has too many dark colors, and after the pandemic you want to radically change its appearance to something that brings you more joy, now is the time! Natural colors gained ground in the 2022 decor, along with bright tones that will steal some of the prominence of neutral colors. The vintage style will also be reinforced during 2022, with a greater presence of flowers.

furniture decor 2022 tones colors
 Bright and natural colors are back in 2022!

Mixing of materials in decoration and furniture

The combination of textures and materials will be an upward trend in decoration after 2021. We will see it in many homes, as it can be applied to either a minimalist decor style or a more striking and ornate one. So, if you're thinking about buying a house or changing the look of the one you already own, this is a trend you can't ignore.

It's true that combinations can be difficult, but there are very simple tricks to become a master and commander of decorative combinations. What you must do is to mix raw and worked materials, matte with shiny, and natural with colored. In this way, your home will be filled with life and joy for this New Year of 2022.

decoration furniture 2022 trends mixing decor new year
The combination of textures and materials will be a rising decor trend after 2021