Shared Houses: Sharing Spaces and Creating More Privacy
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Shared Houses: Sharing Spaces and Creating More Privacy

05 May 2021

Sharing a house is quite a challenge, whether it is shared with family or friends, or with strangers, which is what happens to many young people. And the biggest of these challenges is privacy, which often does not exist.

If before it was very difficult to have privacy on a daily basis, now with the pandemic this issue started to become even more important, since the houses, in addition to being a place to live and sleep, have also become gyms, offices, schools and as interior designer Eliza McNabb said in an interview with Apartment Therapy “creating a dedicated private space, at home, can help you and your colleagues to create time for quiet moments.”

With Portal, discover some tips to create more privacy in a shared home

Create an outdoor nook

If you have an outdoor space in your home, take advantage and use it in the best possible way. Make it cozy and enjoy it when you really need some time alone. A sofa, waterproof chairs, side tables, plants or even cozy lights, all to make the space the best in your home.

Whether to rest, read a book at the end of the day, have breakfast or work on one of those sunny days, it will give you the feeling that you have left the house and that you are not in the same environment as your housemates. This space can become everyone's favorite space.

An external space, very comfortable, with some details of decoration can become the favorite space of the house

Create a space to relax at home

The moment we live in has generated great levels of stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. Yoga and meditation have become a good option to seek emotional balance. Choose a corner of the house or bedroom, use some pillows and a rug, making the space cozy for a good meditation.

A corner with natural light and possible input of external ambient sound, or even the placement of quiet music, are key points for a peaceful moment. Create a morning routine, before starting your day, using this environment, trying to do a few minutes of meditation. You can find some learning videos on Youtube that will make your day more peaceful.

Choosing a corner of the house for your meditation can make your day more enjoyable

Create separation

When the space you have is an open space, the best option for creating divisions is the use of floating walls, screens or curtains. The idea is simple and practical, besides helping with the decoration. Floating walls can have wooden decorations, "hiding" its own purpose and making the space more artistic. When it comes to screens, the good thing is that you can divide the space or not, whenever you want. The same happens with the curtains, which make the space more rustic. The idea of curtains is more directed to the living room than to the rest of the house.

For more decoration tricks and use of open spaces, Portal has an article dedicated to these spaces.

Living in a studio or small space is no problem, you can share it and leave it with two environments

Use of shelves to compartmentalize the space

This idea is perfect for those who live in a studio apartment, have few organizational compartments and/or would like to share the space. Shelves can be used to create a more private area, separating the bedroom from the living room and the kitchen.

Elisa McNabb, designer, uses this trick to create partitions in small spaces and says that it provides a sense of privacy, while adding visual interest to the area. In addition to separating the spaces, you can store books, clothes and other things that do not fit in the cupboards.

Use of shelves as divisions, for your rooms can be the best solution to divide the space and organize it at the same time

We hope that you are able to use some of these tips in your shared house and that they will make you feel a little more in privacy, especially when you need it most. Remember that space is never the problem, just have good decorating ideas to make your home more welcoming and to your taste.

However, if you are tired of sharing your home and looking for your own space, take the opportunity to explore the options that the Portal has to offer.