Tips to Better Enjoying Your Studio Apartment
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Tips to Better Enjoying Your Studio Apartment

28 Jan 2021

If you live (or will live) in a studio apartment you know that all space is precious, and as we are living the days that force us to spend more time indoors, the separation between the different "rooms" can be challenging.

studio apartment space better enjoy dynamic
It is important to separate leisure, work and day-to-day activities, especially in a small space

Since the Covid-19 pandemic invaded our daily life, our home has become a multifunctional space that goes beyond the (already) old-fashioned idea of only function as shelter. It has become our office, our cinema, our restaurant, our friend and confidant.

For the smaller spaces, such as studio apartments and open spaces, leisure, work and day-to-day activities became so close that an improved organization and dynamism are missing. With the Portal, learn how to enjoy your home more efficiently, through the tips we can offer you.

Colors, Materials and Textures

Neutral tones are the first and simplest trick when looking to convey a deeper space. Pastel, white and neutral colors are the basis of a change that seeks greater dynamism.

This idea is hand-in-hand with the strategic placement of mirrorsIn a small space, the depth is low, and this piece of decor transmits a magnification of the space.

But not all of us prefer the lighter colors, so if you prefer darker, more vivid colors, consider applying them, for example, on the floor or on lower surfaces, leaving the white and neutral tones for the upper surfaces, such as the walls and ceiling.

Versatile storage tips tricks studio
A white wall helps create depth

Multifunction furniture

Another suggestion is the acquisition of multifunction furniture. This type of furniture has the ability to serve for more than one use, thus saving space for storage or circulation. A sofa with drawers underneath, a bed that collects to the wall or cabinets hanging from the ceiling are some examples that improve circulation through space and optimize storage.

But in addition to multifunction furniture, it is important to take into account sizing. In the case of a studio apartment - where all space is relevant - we suggest that you choose costume-made furniture using the house’s measures, leaving no space misused. You should also consider furniture that is compact and modular. This type of spatial organization is inspired by the Japanese culture, where all the rooms of a house are versatile, dynamic and organized.

tips storage space studio apartment
Multifunction furniture is easy to find and it is available in most decoration places

Say no to the barriers

In a small space it is necessary to take notice that there must be intimate areas (perhaps where the bed is or the dressing area). However, we should not make our space even smaller by using opaque separations, which steal natural light and make it difficult to move around.

To avoid this, we suggest the use of space separators, such as semi-opaque or grid-structured screens, bottomless shelves or light curtains that let light pass through. You can also take advantage of the walls or structures already in your home to create private nooks. The options available are endless, so have fun trying the one that suits you best.

storage dynamic studio versatile apartment
To better divide areas, whilst maintaining good circulation, opt for non-opaque separators

Work from home

With the current situation in which we live due to the health crisis, working from home has become our new normal and for those who live in a studio, the separation between work and home/rest became a greater challenge, and this separation is very important for not only productivity boosting but also for the care of one’s mental health.

As such, we suggest that the area occupied by the home office occupies as little space as possible, so that circulation and dynamism can continue to be taken into account. A good way is to choose versable and/or modular furniture and vertical shelves.

For the location, we consider that the social area ("dining/living room") is a good option, if you choose a modular table, you will be able adjust its size and use it as both worktable and dining table. Another good location is the space behind the sofa, which is usually not used, and thus boost the space, while creating a mental separation between leisure and work.

tips storage studio enjoy open space
When choosing furniture, choose those that occupy less space

Other little tips

Seizing a small space like a studio apartment requires minor changes and details. A good way to improve storage, while making your space more comfortable, is to pay attention to the heights. For example, place beautiful boxes or baskets on top of cabinets, make use of small stairs and ladders or apply hangers behind the doors. 

You can go into detail and also get partitions for the inside of drawers, removable baskets that serve as drawers for the shelves, take advantage of the floor underneath furniture or take into account the Month Rule (what has not been used for a whole month is to give to someone who may need it more).

These tips will undoubtedly help you organize your space, making it more comfortable, with better circulation and less static environment. It will be a dynamic space, versatile and with all the necessary characteristics for your daily experiences.

space enjoy better dynamic storage
Don't forget to take advantage of the heights and apply vertical elements

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