Tips on How to Promote Your Real Estate Agency on the Internet
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Tips on How to Promote Your Real Estate Agency on the Internet

26 Feb 2021

For a few years now, the Internet entered our daily lives, becoming part of our everyday. The internet has various utilities, from checking the weather forecast, the traffic we may encounter, receiving and sending e-mails or connecting with people in short or long distance. We can find everything on the Internet and that's where we usually spend much of our time.

However, it has already occurred to you how useful it would be to promote your real estate agency on the internet correctly, contacting with the majority of the world’s population while promoting your assets, your ideas and the whole identity of your brand. With the Portal, discover several tips on how to promote your real estate agency on the Internet.

See below all tips we have to improve your online presence

1. Pay attention to social networks

The first step is to create accounts on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks of importance. Secondly, you will have to start to create content, which should be in the interest of your target public and that can help you become a reference in the market.

Originality is the keyword. You should start with in-depth research so that you can understand what is happening in your industry, in this case the real estate sector, learning what kind of information is relevant to the creation of your content. In addition to the real estate market, other topics of relevance to your research can be architecture, sustainability, the different curiosities associated with your assets, the valuations in the market, among other topics that can meet the mission, vision and values of your brand.

Social Media are a great tool to engage and create visibility

2. Visual Quality

Visual quality is one of the most impacting characteristics in the digital community, and images that are closely linked to the content exposed are highly valued. In addition, the quality of the images used should be high and preferably professional, as they should not only show what is in the written texts and copy, but also demonstrate the various details that may exist.  

Remember that the consumer buys first with their eyes and having good quality images, that draw attention to the purchase, is very important.

A good quality image can be very impacting

3. Integrate the brand into real estate websites

To better leverage the notoriety of the brand, we suggest that you integrate your assets in real estate websites, such as Portal. In this case, you should choose the websites that have the most strength in your country or the ones that have more to do with what you want to transmit.

Often, these websites make a deep optimization of their content, which increases traffic, resulting in more advertising and views. Also remember that many websites are paid or demand a contract between the two parties, but you should always take into account that it is a beneficial investment for your real estate agency.

Integrating your assets in a real estate website may help you a lot

4. Strategic planning

Planning is critical to any strategy. The first step is to list the actions of your strategy, set priorities and time when will you put those actions into practice.

Planning social media posts, sending marketing emails or posting articles on your blog will make organizing easier. In addition, you should also take into account the use of keywords in writing your articles, to supplement your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a key to gaining notoriety on the internet through the preferences of a search engine's algorithm. Keywords are the words that users will write in search engines, so it is important to bet on them, repeating them, hiding them throughout the articles (in images, using bold, etc.), so that what you post appears in the first places of the search result.  

By planning your strategy you will have better and faster results

Now that you know how you can promote your real estate agency on the Internet, take some time to put these tips into practice. Even if you feel like you don't have much time, there are programs that you can use to organize and plan your posts on social networks, such as  Buffer which is very intuitive and, in the free version, has a limit of 10 posts to program and is available for almost all social media platforms.

By applying these measures, you'll see that in the medium-long term your network will grow, and you'll be able to expand it in order to promote your brand. If you are a real estate agency looking for a website to be able to expose your assets or if you are looking for assets to invest in, take a look at Portal, which has several types of assets that will meet your needs.