Traveling During Covid: Safe Destinations

Traveling During Covid: Safe Destinations

31 Aug 2021

With the summer holidays, traveling around Europe has become a possibility again, even during Covid. But which countries have the safest pandemic measures? European Best Destinations has come to our rescue and help us uncover these places, putting together a list of the safest destinations to travel, whether you are vaccinated or not.

With the advances on vaccination, it is already possible to travel without too many restrictions, you just need to obtain the Digital Certificate that proves that you are protected against the virus. And for those who do not have a certificate, the processes for travel have been simplified and prices on testing have dropped.

So, just as we gradually return to normality, how about go back to travel?

1. Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia's capital was considered the safest city to travel during this time of uncertainty, last summer. In Tbilisi you can find culture, nature, history, gastronomy, or commerce. European Best Destinations claims that Tbilisi is the holiday spot of the year of 2021, having been awarded for being one of the most visited destinations in Europe.

Georgia travel season covid safest destinations Europe
Tbilisi, Georgia

2. Madeira, Portugal

During the pandemic and consecutive confinements, Madeira has always remained in the green zone in relation to the rest of the world for its effective sanitary and safety measures. With just one negative test of Covid-19 (or the Digital Certificate, of course), you can find a relaxing and safe holiday on this beautiful island.

Portugal Madeira tourism pandemic  european  best  destinations
Madeira, Portugal

3. Azores, Portugal

Did you know that Corvo Island, in the Azores archipelago, was the first island in the world where the entire population was vaccinated at 100%? Also considered one of the safest destinations to travel during Covid times, the Azores are composed of nine eclectic islands.

It is a nature-filled location and offers many sustainable tourism options, which take in account nature’s protection and observation activities. No quarantine needed here, a negative test is required or the vaccination certificate.

vaccination covid test covid-19 Azores Portugal digital certificate travel
Azores, Portugal

4. Rethymno, Greece

With a wide range of outdoor activities, from cycling, to hiking and beach trips, Rethymno in is a very safe destination to travel. This city in Greece has a lot of history and archaeological heritage, as well several wonderful beaches, not to mention great gastronomy. If you go to Rethymno this holiday, don't forget to visit the "Preveli Heart Rock", a beach with a rock formation that closely resembles a heart.

Rethymno Greece  coronavirus travel Europe safe destinations
Rethymno, Greece

5. Cephalonia, Greece

Cephalonia is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. This small paradise was affected very little by the Covid-19, unlike the rest of Europe, and quickly became a safe destination to travel during the pandemic. Take the opportunity to visit one of Greece's 7 Natural Wonders, Lake Madisonian and an orange sandy beach called Xi Beach.

Greece Cephalonia tourism travel european best destinations covid-19
Cephalonia, Greece

6. Iceland

Iceland was the pioneer European country on the vaccination certificate. This beautiful country can be the place you're looking for to breathe fresh air and visit all sorts of black sand beaches, geysers, waterfalls, sparkling lagoons... Mother Nature is the one who rules, in this place!

travel season covid coronavirus safe destinations Iceland

7. Cavtat-Konavle, Croatia

It was due to the low number of cases that Cavtat became one of the safest destinations to travel in Europe, in addition to the proximity to airports and hospitals, in case an emergency occurs. There is also a huge offer in accommodation, not to mention the gastronomy, the paradisiacal environment (chosen by many celebrities looking for rest) and the wonderful ocean, that you will find a little everywhere.

certified digital vaccination  Cavtat-Konavle pandemic tourism Croatia
Cavtat-Konavle, Croatia

8. Seville, Spain

After the ups and downs that followed the Spanish management of the pandemic, the country found innovative solutions, enabling the opening just before Portugal. Our Iberian neighbour is an oasis of freedom and fun, with so many nighttime leisure spaces open. 

Seville is a city full of culture, hidden secrets, and incomparable gastronomy, ideal for a safe holiday.

Europe Spain Spain Spain travel destination safe vaccine covid test
Seville, Spain

9. Athens, Greece

Athens may well be the perfect destination for a long weekend or a quiet holiday. The Greek capital is ideal for travelers as a couple, solo or even families, as it combines culture, leisure, and shopping, has nearby beaches and beautiful landscapes.

destinations Athens safe europe Greece  travel covid vaccination passport
Athens, Greece

10. Rubjerg Knude,Denmark

Regarding obtaining vaccination passports, the merit as pioneers goes to Denmark and Sweden, who have implemented this document, enabling access to events such as concerts, exhibitions, or fairs, as well as table reservation in restaurants or bars.

As such, take the opportunity to go to Denmark, specially to Rubjerg Knude, which is an emblematic site with its lighthouse. This lighthouse has a unique view and has had to be moved several times, and in this area, you will find marvelous beaches.

pandemic  Rubjerg  Knude Denmark safe destination coronavirus travel certificate Europe
Rubjerg Knude, Denmark