Why Buy a House in Portugal?
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Why Buy a House in Portugal?

21 Jan 2022

Portugal has conquered something that seemed impossible to do to get out of the economic crisis in less than ten years and became a key-country for real estate investment. Nowadays, it is one of the most attractive destinations in the world for real estate investment, drawing more and more international buyers every year.

This trend continues still, even after the pandemic, and Portuguese buyers are also returning to the market. Portugal has quickly become the favorite destination for real estate investors.

In 2020, more than half of all real estate transactions in Portugal were made by foreigners. Investors and buyers from France and Great Britain are still very active in the Portuguese real estate market, but Brazilians are now the main investors.

Many other nationalities are also drawn to Portugal’s real estate assets, especially because of the quality of life, the authentic environment, the gentle way of living, the very attractive cost of living, and the increasingly cosmopolitan cities. These strengths, driven by the ever-growing real estate market, have crafted Portugal into the ideal place in Europe (and even the world) to live or invest.

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Portugal is the perfect place to invest AND live

A country that fought the covid crisis successfully 

Real estate prices in Portugal, although constantly rising, remain at an acceptable price level for international investors, especially compared to other European capitals or large cities.

With the COVID-19 crisis this trend is slowing down, in fact due to the measures imposed by international governments to fight the pandemic. Therefore, the global real estate market has been facing less demand, which is logical given that investors are unable to move around or travel to buy assets.

But let’s not forget, although the coronavirus pandemic is causing an economic crisis at world level, Portugal is overseeing its own crisis far better than the other European countries, sustaining a very interesting international image. This management will have, for sure, a positive impact on absorbing, to a certain point, the economic crisis that the world faces.

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The Portuguese real estate market showed a lot of resilience regarding the covid crisis that affect most economic sectors

Concluding, 2021 was a year where we saw a bit of stagnation, then slowly increasing of the rhythm, giving 2022 a step-up in mid-range real estate. Portugal is a very attractive country to invest and live in, with great conditions, a growing economic stability and a marvelous weather.

If you are interested in investing in the Portuguese real estate market, find out more about the assets we have in store for you.